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Image by Peter Neumann

After the fall of the Soviet Republics in the 1990s, most of the small, Czech “pivovars” were forced to close shop due to competition from mega international brewing corporations. But some of the unemployed workers from the former Liberec Brewery in Northern Bohemia convinced investors to bring their once-proud factory back to life.
The brewery's name was changed to Konrad. The rights to the original name, Vratislav, were already taken, so a new name had to be found. Konrad was chosen to honor the brother of  King Vratislav, who also ruled the Czech lands. Both monarchs were true Czechs, from Přemysl.
This reborn regional takes on the big boys by producing firmly traditional and well-crafted Czech lagers, made to the historical recipes with water from its own wells, classic Zatec hops, and local barley.

KONRAD 12 can.png

Konrad 12º

 Traditional Czech lager brewed using traditional methods from our own malt, Žatec hops and spring water.  A long maturation period gives Konrad 12° beer a velvety soft and deliciously bitter finish.  Golden, full-bodied, and with that brilliant flowery Czech hop finish, this is beer you almost have to drink by the six-pack.

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