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Brauerei Göller

Zeil am Main, Franconia, Germany

About the Brewery

One of the oldest craft breweries in the world, Göller was founded 1514, back when it was called the "Alte Freyung" or "Old Sanctuary." It received this name because this brewhouse also served as a sanctuary for refugees from the law. As you can imagine, the Brewery was a lively place, and even today it keeps the tradition alive with rowdy parties in the biergarten.

Situated in the small region of Franconia (in upper Bavaria), known as the Beer Mecca of the world, Göller draws on the traditions of this famous region where beer began in Europe, and even today it's where you still find the best beer in the world. Göller beer wins copious awards from Germany and around the world, making it truly the best of the best! Twice the brewmaster was honored as the world's "Brewer of the Year" by the DLG for their "Beer of the Century", the Göller Dunkel.

Family-run and focused on regional styles, Göller Brewery makes only craft beer for a select market. Imported exclusively into the USA by Ancient Craft Imports. "Gön dir ein Göller." (Grab a Göller).

Location in Germany


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