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Brauerei Göller

Zeil am Main, Germany

One of the oldest craft breweries in the world, Göller was founded 1514, back when it was called the "Alte Freyung" or "Old Sanctuary."  It received this name because this brewhouse also served as a sanctuary for refugees from the law.  The Brewery has always been a lively place, as you can imagine.

Situated in the small region of Franconia (in upper Bavaria), known as the Beer Mecca of the world, Göller draws on the traditions of the region where beer began in Europe, and where you still find the best beer to be found anywhere. Göller beer receives copious awards from Germany and around the world, making it truly the best of the best!

Göller Brewery is ancient craft in the fullest sense of the word: over 500 years of fierce independence, a commitment to working with only the best of locally sourced grains from within a few miles of the brewery (from the top barley and wheat growing region in Germany) and a strict focus on local sales in Franconia as well as to a handful of select markets around the world. 


Baptist Helles













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Dunkles Bock

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When it comes to a quaffable beer, nothing beats the Bavarian-style Helles made by Göller. Named after a great uncle named Baptist, who was famous for his easy-going manner, the Baptist Helles presents a malt-forward flavor mixed with honey and spice, lightly hopped with Spalter Select. With its light golden appearance -- "helles" means "light" in German -- this smooth lager offers a surprising depth of flavor that lingers long in your mouth.


Bold notes of chocolate and coffee derived from the roasted Munich malts defines this dark lager -- "Dunkel" meaning "dark" in German. Yet it finishes out pleasantly on the palate with a malty sweetness and a lingering, almost savory bitter note. Remarkable for its full body robustness and its gentle finish, the Dunkel from Göller is easily our most popular beer in America. In Germany, it has won numerous awards, from the Meininger’s Gold Medal to the World Beer Award. Have fun pairing it with a spectrum of dishes, from grilled steaks to chocolate cake.

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The bubbly and unfiltered Weisse from Göller defines the hefeweizen style of Bavaria. The clean, dry mouthfeel balances the fruity banana and clove and a bright citrus aroma. True to style, this top fermented ale contains more than half wheat malts and is lightly hopped with Hallertauer Tradition. No filtration nor pasteurization leaves a cloudy, straw colored beauty topped with a foamy white head. No wonder it won multiple gold medals from the prestigious DLG Awards in Germany!


Göller's Lager finds just the right balance between roasted maltiness and hoppy brightness. Brewed with 100% Munich malts and with Hallertauer Tradition Hops, the bottom-fermented lager has a full-bodied mouthfeel lingering long and sweet in the finish.  Poured into your glass,  the amber hue shines with perfect clarity, topped with a thick and creamy head. It is no surprise that the Göller Lager earned, among other awards, a Gold Medal from the prestigious DLG Preis Awards in Germany.

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Göller nailed the pilsner style with their Original, showing off their superb expertise as brewers. The bittersweet play between bitter hops and sweet maltiness finds the perfect balance in this pilsner, with the IBU count clocking in at a solid 29, hopped with Hallertauer Tradition and Mandarina Bavaria. With more flavor than a typical pilsner, the Original contains hints of fruit, pepper, and a cracker-like maltiness. The clear golden beer pairs well with a hamburger or fried chicken, but it's also perfect on its own.


A traditional Franconian masterpiece, Göller's Keller beer follows the legendary craft methods of the region dating back to the Middle Ages. A slow bottom fermentation in cold tanks is reminiscent of the ancient underground cellar (keller). After a 10 week-long aging process, the Kellerbier is drawn out without undergoing filtration or pasteurization, to be served as a thick and cloudy, amber-hued draft. Its profile is fresh and tangy, orange-like aroma, and deep malty flavors! Pair with grilled kebabs, hot sauce, and Limburger cheese.

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Smoked lagers are an old Franconian tradition, but rare in America. This one-of-kind dark lager shows ruby-brown in the glass, with cream-colored foam. Initial bitterness gives way to a smooth finish, as the subtle smokiness enhances the caramel and nutty flavors lingering on the tongue with a sweet aftertaste. The complexity of flavors also includes hints of bacon, chocolate & coffee. This smoked lager outcompetes any other regional smoked beers. It pairs exceptionally well with smoked meats and even cigars.


Göller's dark, ruby lager known as the Dunkles Bockbier is the big brother of their Dunkel. With an ABV of 7% and an IBU of 26, this bock beer brags of a huge array of malty flavors, like chocolate, molasses, figs, raisins, licorice and chestnuts. Aged for an astonishing 3 months, the beer is annually released in one small batch in Fall, making the occasion for a festivity known as the "Bock-Beer-Tapping." Pair it with grilled steak and sausages, with strong, creamy cheeses and crispy-baked apple pie for dessert. And don't forget to celebrate!

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