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Bohemia Regent

Trebon, Czech Republic

About the Brewery

Bohemia Regent's heritage is simply outstanding and totally unique. It is one of the oldest breweries in the world brewing on the same premises without interruption. The brewery was established in 1379 in Trebon, South Bohemia by the powerful Rosenberg house on proposal from the house regent – hence the name  Bohemia Regent. The brewery has retained its renaissance appearance from the 17th century and is a jewel of architecture, beautifully encroached in the picturesque historical town of Trebon.

Bohemia Regent lagers (especially the Bohemia Regent 12) are a rare example of a typical South Bohemian Real Lager, with a bitter sweet combo. The balance between hops and malt is simply perfect. The brewery adheres to traditional Bohemian brewing with double mashing and very long maturation. This can be demonstrated by doing the brewery tour that is well worthwhile for both beer afficionados and people loving history.

Location in the Czech Republic

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Bohemia Regent

Premium Pilsner

This authentic Czech Craft Pilsner is the flagship beer of the Bohemia Regent brewery. We use only the best (and local) Saaz hops and Moravian barley , soft water from our own artesian wells, and pure cultures of bottom fermentation yeast strains. Double decoction mashing and 90 day secondary fermentation in the centuries old brewery cellars deliver a beautifully balanced, lightly carbonated pilsner with easy-on-the-mouth hoppiness and medium bitterness.

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Bohemia Regent

Dark Lager

A traditional, craft Czech dark lager, black in color, brewed from pale caramel and dark malts and hopped with Saas varieties.

“It has an appealing aroma of floral, spicy hops and bitter chocolate.The finish is hoppy and malty with a powerful hint of cappuccino coffee” from Roger Protz - 300 Beers To Taste Before You Die.

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A traditional and uniquely Czech combination of three of our beers, this mahogany colored beer unsurprisingly now has a cult following. Hints of cappuccino and nuts are complimented by a pleasant Saaz bitterness. Fullness of body and a rich head complete this award winning beer.

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