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AI will never Replace the Brewmaster

Updated: May 3, 2023

The Rauch (smoked) Beer captures perfectly the earthy humanity of beer. The smokiness can be considered an "off-flavor," but what a wonderful off-flavor, right? Without that smokey beer, there would be less character and variety in the beer world.

Along those lines, I recently came across an article about some Australian students creating beer with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It seems pretty cool at first glance, but what I realized is that AI will never be able to delete the human element in beer making, and that's a good thing! Massive industrial techniques will definitely take center stage in the beer world, but they will never be able to replace the innate human love for tinkering and creativity in the brewmaster.

The theory of Ancient Craft Imports is to find those small craft, human beers that tell you about a region, a person. The beers of Göller Brewery do just this. There is a story behind each flavor, and styles that have history and meaning. In Franconia, Germany's beer heartland, all the local beers have long history. Keller beers have a cloudy appearance, Rauch beers are lightly smoked, and Munich Malts create a malty backbone that suits local taste. Traditions are valued more than AI "perfection." This is why we love it!

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