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Authentic Franconian Kellerbier

Updated: May 3, 2023

The famous beer of Franconia, the Kellerbier, has intrigued generations of beer aficionados and brewmasters all over the world. The cloudy, amber colored beer harkens back to an ancient tradition of serving beer direct from the cellar (keller in German).

If you found yourself in a Franconian pub in ancient times, the brewmaster would serve you a mug of cellar beer straight from the wooden cask, poured out from his "zwickel" spout. This is why the lighter versions of kellebier are sometimes called Zwickelbier. While laggering techniques have seen improvement with refrigeration, the traditional Franconian mindset likes to keep the style as true to the original recipe as possible.

Today, we get the same flavor and charm from Göller's traditional Kellerbier. The Göller brothers follow a very local recipe that makes this Keller a true "landbier" or local beer. They age the Kellerbier for 10 weeks at near freezing temperatures, and do not filter or pasteurize it, nor add carbonation. It's as natural as beer comes! Göller claims this beer acts as a natural probiotic, full of healthy vitamins and live yeasts.

The result is a mellow "liquid bread" with lots of toasted malt character up front. A subtle spiciness emerges from the Hallertauer Tradition Hops and some fruity notes like green apple and orange. Hints of yeast give way to a clean and dry finish, with a touch of toffee and toasted malts lingering on for some time. What an exciting blend of sensations! Pair Göller's Keller with grilled kebabs or charbroiled steaks, and anything with hot sauce. Limburger cheese and coconut flan match the strong flavors in the Keller.

Immerse yourself in the Old World by grabbing a rustic mug and fill it with the lively Kellerbier from Göller.

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