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Small-batch Dunkles Bockbier

Updated: May 3, 2023

I have to tell you a bit more about the Dunkles Bock from Göller because it's a limited release and most importantly, it is really good!

Did you know this beer kicks off a party when it gets released once a year? Every Fall the "Bockbieranstich" (bock-beer-tapping) festival hosted by Göller is one of the largest festivities in the village of Zeil-am-Main. Released as a small batch only in Autumn, the tapping of the Dunkles Bockbier rightly causes a sensation in the village.

The dark ruby lager is brewed as a traditional bock, with a higher than usual original gravity of 17°P, the result being 7% ABV. Felix Göller brews this with a double mash of pure Munich malts. The bock style was originally designed by monks in the Middle Ages who needed a heavy beer during fast days. It was called "liquid bread" because a mug of bock beer provided much the same nutrition as a loaf of bread. True to the ancient tradition, Göller's Dunkles Bockbier tastes strongly of malt, nicely toasted to reveal hints of chocolate and nuts. A full meal disguised as beer! Everyone remarks on the depth of flavor to discover in the Dunkles Bockbier. With an extra long aging process of at least 3 months, this beer has a story to tell. In fact, it can age for many years and it just gets better. Emerging hints of raisins, molasses, figs, chestnuts, and black licorice are often remarked on. It finishes with slightly dry mouthfeel and a lingering festival of flavors. This beer has earned some big awards such as the European Beer Star in 2019 and 2021. Pair it with grilled meats and charred vegetables to bring out the roasted character. It goes great with strong, creamy cheeses and crispy-baked apple pie for dessert.

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Gerard Toenjes
Gerard Toenjes
Mar 30, 2022

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