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Awards & more Awards for Göller Beer

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

This is an ever growing list, so there may be fewer awards than Göller beers have actually received.

European Beer Star

With over 2,300 participating beers from 51 countries, the European Beer Star is the toughest beer competition in the world. In each of the 65 categories, a jury of 144 experts only awards one gold, one silver and one bronze medal.


2018 Göller Rauch 2006 Göller Rauch


2022 Göller Hefeweizen non-alc.

2021 Göller Dunkles Bock 2008 Göller Dunkel


2021 Göller Hefeweizen Non-Alc. 2019 Göller Weizen Bock 2018 Göller Dunkles Bock 2009 Göller Rauch

World Beer Awards

Often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions,” the World Beer Cup is the most prestigious beer competition in the world.


2016 Göller Dunkel

Meininger's International Craft Beer Awards

This one is unique among awards. The score approach is not comparative, but each beer is tasted and evaluated individually. Each jury of 7 tasters evaluates the beers in terms of appearance, aroma, taste as well as overall impression, using a 100-point scheme. The result is that each beer faces a strict test of quality.


2022 Göller Lager "Lager of the Year" 2022 Göller Rauch "Smoked Beer of the Year"


2022 Göller Dunkles Bock 2022 Göller Helles Bock 2021 Göller Hefeweizen Non-alc. 2021 Göller Dunkles Bock 2021 Göller Helles Bock 2019 Göller Dunkel

2018 Göller Rauch

2017 Göller Rauch 2016 Göller Rauch 2016 Göller Dunkel


2022 Göller Steinhauer Weisse 2021 Göller Dunkel 2021 Göller Hopfen-Weisse 2021 Göller Wiener Lager 2021 Göller Lager 2019 Göller Rauch 2018 Göller Kaiser H. Urstoff 2017 Göller Kellerbier 2017 Göller Freyungs-Ale 2017 Göller Hefeweizen Non-alc. 2016 Göller Kaiser H. Urweiße Helles 2016 Göller Zeiler Frühling


The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft), commonly known as DLG, is an international non-profit organization that promotes food quality among other things. Each category of beer is assessed by a panel on the scale 0-5 (fractional points may be awarded), and the points given are then averaged, with the same weight given to the three categories. It's very strict.


2015 Göller Kaiser H. Urstoff 2014 Göller Steinhauer Weisse 2014 Göller Original Pilsner 2010 Göller Premium Pilsner 2007 Göller Original Pilsner 2007 Göller Keller 2006 Göller Steinhauer Weisse 2006 Göller Lager 2005 Göller Original Pilsner 2004 Göller Steinhauer Weisse

The Beer Connoisseur

Beer reviews are conducted in a single blind tasting format by a Master Cicerone. Scoring is then done on the following basis using a 100-point scale: Aroma, Appearance, Flavor, Mouthfeel, Overall Impression. Total points possible = 100. (96-100) equals World Class, the best of the best.

97 Points (World Class)

2022 Göller Dunkel

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