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Legendary Smoked Beer

Updated: May 3, 2023

Here is a real treat for beer aficionados looking for legendary brews. Göller's Rauch (smoked) beer has a deep history and personal attachment for local people in the Franconia region of Germany.

The people of the city of Bamberg, the smoked-beer capitol of the world, will tell you the legend of the first Smoked beer. They say it was accidentally invented in the Middle Ages when a monastery malthouse in the city burned down. The malt in the kilns wasn't destroyed, thanks be to God, but it did take on a distinctive smokey flavor. The monks thought it actually made pretty good beer, so they started adding beechwood smoke to future malts.

The little village of Zeil-am-Main is only a short distance from Bamberg, which is why the Göller Brewery shares this ancient tradition of smoked beer making. And beer connoisseurs have stated that Göller makes the best Rauch in the region.

The proof is that Göller's Rauch has won the prestigious Golden Meininger's International Craft Beer Award every year since 2016. Göller's Rauch also has under its belt numerous European Beer Star Awards. Indeed, it is Göller's most awarded beer.

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