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Nothing Beats Bacon, not even Beer

Updated: May 3, 2023

Beer connoisseurs have a special love for Göller's Rauchbier (smoked beer). It's a pretty unique thing among beers.

Smoked beer is still not very common even though the craft beer market offers almost everything you can imagine. The main reason it hasn't caught on yet is because smoke easily overpowers other flavors. When an amateur brewer makes a smoked beer, more often than not, it has an overwhelming smokiness that isn't very pleasant.

Göller's smoking process has been perfected and fine-tuned for centuries. Many beer connoisseurs have remarked that Göller's Rauch beats out even the top competitors like the more famous Schlenkerla.

Let's attempt to describe the rich flavor profile.

Aroma: A delicate smokiness lightly accentuates the caramelized bacon flavors, giving you the impression that you just walked into a clean smokehouse.

Pour: After pouring this dark, reddish-brown lager in your glass, you'll first notice the thick, cream-colored head.

Flavor: Drink it and close your eyes to imagine smoked cheese on shelves and hams hanging from the rafters. Meanwhile you get a hint of dark roasted coffee and chocolate cake lightly caramelized in the baking. Initial bitterness gives way to a smooth finish, as the subtle smokiness enhances the caramel and nutty flavors lingering on the tongue with a sweet aftertaste.

Pairing: Any smoked food such as campfire sausage, smoked cheese, salmon, etc. Even a cigar complements the smoky beer like a hand fits a glove.

Göller's Rauch has won the prestigious Golden Meininger's International Craft Beer Award every year since 2016. It also has under its belt numerous European Beer Star Awards. In fact, it is Göller's most awarded beer!

Fair warning: Rauchbier is available only for a limited time this season (until March), so don't wait around to get a supply of swing top bottles.

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