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What is the Slow Beer movement?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Most beer today gets rushed onto trucks almost as soon as it has finished fermenting. This is a far cry from ancient craft methods, when time was not measured by clocks. Good beer was often aged for months, even an entire year!

The SLOW BEER movement

The number one thing that gets your customers excited about Göller beer is when they hear about the Slow Beer movement. You will want to fully understand this important trend so that you can confidently talk about it. The first thing to know about slow beer is that, like slow food, it can be put simply as “good, clean & fair.” Let’s unravel these words. 1. Good food is delicious and made to enhance the natural flavors found in the raw material used in the making. 2. Clean food is made with healthy and sustainable practices at every step of the way from producer to consumer. 3. Fair food is made when adequate wages are paid to the laborers at every stage of the production process. How does this translate to beer? Easily! Many breweries simply strive for volume and marketing, trying to make it big. We, however, believe that quality of flavor should always be number one, but also that beer should only be made with the finest local ingredients, and that ethical practices must be used along the way to your table. Check out the Slow Brewing concept spreading around Europe. Why does the concept of “slow” matter for beer? Because the desire to support the slow food movement plays a big role in beverages as well. Slow wine will soon be on everyone’s lips, and so will slow beer. We are on the cutting edge of a new trend! In order to ride this wave at the crest, we have created strict criteria for breweries that may come under our Ancient Craft Imports umbrella. The point is, we only want the perfect beer, the real thing. We will settle only for the truly authentic! Putting our heads together, we decided that every brewery in our portfolio must fit into all five of these categories: 1. Long fermentation – While many modern breweries ferment their beer in 2-4 weeks, slow brewers take 6-10 weeks. 2. Exceptional flavor - This lengthy process creates noticeable excellence in the flavor profile. 3. Multigenerational – Slow breweries belong to families who brew according to a family tradition. 4. Locally sourced ingredients - Slow brewers get ALL of their ingredients from nearby farms. 5. Healthy – No part of the process uses toxic ingredients, either for the farms or us. Our company goal is to bring into our portfolio several more of the finest breweries in Europe so that we can truly offer the slowest beer to our clients in the USA. In the months to come, expect to see more of these amazing breweries added to our menu, and yours too!

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