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Pair Göller for the best experience

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Did you know that German beer is most appreciated when it is paired with food? This little known fact will make a huge difference to someone trying it.

The thing is, Germans think of beer in a slightly different way than we typically do. For Germans, beer is the complement to their meal. A meal is incomplete without a beer, or two, or three to go with it.

For this reason their beers typically have higher acidity levels than ours. The acid cuts through the fat content in the food, creating a balanced feeling in our mouth and stomach.

And yes, German’s love fatty foods like sausage and pork. Their style of beer developed around their food, with a complementary dryness.

My experience has shown that newcomers to Göller beer have a mixed reaction. The majority loves the mellow smoothness. For a few it seems a bit dry or even bland at first impression.Many drinkers are accustomed to sweet, stand-alone beers widely available in the United States. Even bigger name, German beers made for export have this sweetness made to fit a global audience. But Göller keeps faithfully to its local tradition of “food beer.”

I have put together this list to get you started.

Original Pilsner:

Great with lamb or pork chops. Also fantastic with sushi, fatty sausage, and pasta with cream sauce.

Baptist Helles:

Great with hearty dishes like steak, pork-knuckle or barbecue. Can also pair well with all sorts of salads!


Try with poultry, pasta fried fish and other seafood, aromatic cheese, sausage, cold cuts, and potato chips. The perfect pairing for a hamburger!


This Dunkel pairs well with a spectrum of dishes, from steak, roasted and grilled meats, and pork shoulder to desserts such as apple strudel or apple crisp with whipped cream.

Steinhauer Weisse:

With its tangy and mildly fruity taste, the Steinhauer Weisse is the perfect choice of beer to enjoy with fish, chicken tenders or grilled chicken, pizza, creamy soups, bratwurst, and hamburgers. It also pairs beautifully with fruit, especially citrus!


This beer begs for grilled meats and barbecue. Rauchbier also pairs beautifully with a wide variety of cheese as well as smoked salmon, smoked turkey, etc.


Perfect and refreshing accompaniment to hearty meat dishes with rich dark sauces.


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