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Is Pilsner the King of Beers?

Updated: May 3, 2023

It's getting warm outside, and of course that makes us think of sipping a cold beer. What could be more perfect for the job than a cold pilsner? Duh, nothing.

Let's talk about this style. The Czech origins are well known: the city of Pilsen invented the style and gave it its name. However, less known is that it was a Bavarian brewer who did the inventing in Pilsen. His name was Josef Groll.

The Germans have been brewing similar styles of light lagers for a long time, but usually with less of a hoppy character. Think Helles, one of the most popular beers in Bavaria. However, the Czech people prefer more hoppiness in their light beers, and that's what made the Pils style so unique for its time. The higher bitterness levels makes the beer easier to drink, especially with food, because you don't get overwhelmed on the rich or malty character of the beer (and food). The high acid level of hops cuts through the sugar and gives a nice balance.

It's very enjoyable to drink a Czech Pils, but the German style pils is toned down a bit for those who don't want quite so high the level of hops. The balance between malt & hops is even more agreeable in the German pils.

There is a catch, however. The German pils, being more balanced, requires more technical expertise to make. It's much harder to mask poor quality malts when you can't just add more hops to cover it up. That's why, according to most brewers, the pilsner is the most difficult beer to make. Due to its inherent simplicity you can't mask bad flavors (Think Bud Light).

A good pilsner requires a well-honed brewing technique. Other styles can be more forgiving, but a decent pilsner cannot be thrown together by an amateur brewer.

Now I want to bring to your attention what people are saying about the Göller Original Pilsner. From the testimonies I hear, it is clear that this beer demonstrates the expertise of the Göller brothers who inherited a family brewing tradition dating back over 500 years.

Bottle of beer and foamy glass
Göller Original Pilsner

The Göller Original Pilsner has won numerous golden awards from the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


"The attention to detail is clearly meticulous. Having this next to a host of American pilsners would separate those who don't want to fool around too much with an advanced mash schedule, water chemistry, and the freshest ingredients from those who dial in every minute detail." Nathan, Denver, CO "I recall one customer in particular. I was behind the bar and asked what he would like to drink. He said, 'The last time I was in here I had a German beer on draft. It was one of the best beers I've ever had in my life.' It was the Göller Pils!" Brett Fleming, Callahan's Pub & Grille, Enid, OK.


Whether sipped on its own or paired with a steak, the Göller Original easily wins the title of "the perfect pilsner." The IBU count comes in at a solid 29, hopped with Hallertauer Tradition and Mandarina Bavaria. Drinkers often describe it as hinting of fruit, pepper, and of course a full maltiness expected of Bavarian styles.

Give yourself a treat by trying the world's finest pilsner, the Göller Original.

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