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Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

About the Brewery

Kutná Hora is an old medieval town whose importance, prosperity and size nearly comparable to Prague at the time and this was mainly due to the local silver mines.  No wonder then that it had established its brewery as early as 15th century which in turn that soon became notorious for high-quality beer. This has remained the case up until modern ages when Heineken bought the brewery only to close it within the brief period of time. 

The closure brought about a major frustration among beer drinkers as the brand was being loved by locals and doing very well on the market. Luckily, this was not to last for long as a local entrepreneur restarted brewing at the same historical premises and the brewery is at high demand again. There is a reason: The Kutná Hora 12 is now considered one of the best pilsener type Real Bohemian Lager on the market.

Original ingredients, double mashing, open fermentation and traditional cellars are all parts of the fantastic heritage, therefore this beer is now enjoyed not only locally, but also in Prague and many other European markets.

Location in the Czech Republic


Kutna Hora

Czech Pilsner 12

The “Gold” from Kutna Hora is a full-bodied authentic craft Czech Pilsner with higher but absolutely delicious bitterness. Pleasantly grassy with a superb finish on the palate. A proud flagship of the Kutna Hora brewery, to be appreciated by real beer connoisseurs.

czech dark lager 12.png

Kutna Hora

Czech Dark Lager 12

Dark lager brewed using the traditional decoction method from 4 types of malts, which give this beer a dark color, a fuller body, and the characteristic aromas and flavors of chocolate and caramel.

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Kutna Hora

A full-bodied Czech pilsener coming with a dark golden colour and cold dry-hopped with a Czech variety of Kazbek hops. Fulsome malt backbone, lightly spicy with an equally robust Saaz hop profile with further lingering hoppiness from the cold dry-hopping. Finishes crisp and delightful

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